Do you want straighter teeth without the big metal brackets in your mouth?

ClearCorrect™ delivers a gorgeous smile with greater comfort and in less time

You want people to notice your smile, not your braces. With ClearCorrect™, an alternative to metal braces, similar to Invisalign®, you can discreetly straighten your teeth, often in less time than you could with traditional braces.

ClearCorrect™ costs less and takes less time than traditional braces. Aligners can correct most of the common alignment problems, including overcrowding, large gaps between teeth, cross bite, over bite and under bite. They may also be of great benefit to patients who seek veneers to cover their crooked or gapped teeth because ClearCorrect™ can actually correct the misalignment, all without altering your natural tooth structure.

Choosing experience for your teeth

When you want to invest time and money in your smile, you want a doctor who will give you exceptional dental care. Someone who has the training and experience to give you the results you want to achieve. Dr. Titus is skilled in cosmetic dentistry and has also had additional ClearCorrect™ training.