Dental Implants vs Dentures

Whether you decide you want to replace your teeth with dentures or dental implants, the important thing is to replace them quickly

Tooth loss can lead to a number of problems, including difficulty chewing, changes in speech, bone loss and an unattractive smile

These mounting issues can also result in a loss of self-esteem. Dr. Alex Titus recommends the immediate replacement of teeth to preserve your health, appearance and self-confidence.

If like some patients, you have already opted for dentures and are unhappy with them, you can also call Dr. Titus for a no-risk consultation. We have many patients who became frustrated with the instability and discomfort of removable dentures and have found a better quality of life with permanent dental implant placement.

Removable, yet natural-looking restorations

Dentures are a popular restoration method mainly because of their low cost. They can restore the appearance of your smile and your ability to chew. However, unlike dental implants, they are removable which can make them unstable, inconvenient and can contribute to bone loss.

Implant supported dentures can resolve these issues, providing you with a combination of the benefits of both dental implants and dentures. By placing a few strategic implants, Dr. Titus is able to securely attach a prosthetic to the implants, delivering a stable restoration.