Permanent Tooth Replacement

The embarrassment of tooth loss can keep you from feeling good about yourself. If you have replaced missing teeth with dentures, you may find that you are unhappy with your restoration.

Many complain of loose fitting dentures and the resulting headaches. Dental implants can help you avoid the stigma attached to tooth loss and ensure that you do not suffer with an ineffective restoration. Implants are a permanent, natural looking solution that can replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth

  • dental implants are designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth.
  • easy to care for, implants are flossed and brushed, just like your natural teeth are.
  • implants are undetectable; no one will know that they are not your real teeth.
  • the placement of an implant post stimulates your jaw, preserving bone health.
  • dental implants are durable and made to last a lifetime with proper care.
  • implants replace individual teeth, maintaining the natural shape of your face and smile.